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У меня есть мысль, я её думаю
а вы её читаете
I see two sets of fireworks from my balcony - Far Rockaway and around verazanno

p.s. God Bless America
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my phone died
email me if you need to get a hold of me
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I am on vacation .... leaving town in 18 hours
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I just realized the following:

Do you know whom women love the most? who's the most loved kind of men?  the one who is always respected by their significant others? the one for whom all excuses are made in advance? whose opinions matter most to their significant others? who are revered and never do wrong? (at least according to their significant others ....)

it's the guys who beat the shit out of their wives/girlfriends  ....

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does anyone have a van i could borrow for a day?  needs to be pretty big van
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 Срубил пять голов
Скрутил две шеи
поотламывал кучу наконечников

Но так я и не научился обжимать RJ45. Дорогие френды, за пиво или за обучение обжимания COAX, или за то и другое, научите меня на этих выходных обжимать провода. Все тулзы есть.
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А у меня Оля очень умная!
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I just pulled off a small work-related miracle
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I just met a dog whose owner is an immigration attorney.  The dog's name is EWI

Current Location: United States, New York, New York

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